Summer Adventure Tour

We're off like a herd of turtles!  

Our destination: Billings Montana, for the Gold Wing Road Riders' "Wing Ding" rally at the end of August.

Our route:  over the Great Lakes, to Edmonton and Kamloops.

The toughest thing to do on our trips, is to get out the door.  We managed this mid-morning, managed to stay ahead of the rain clouds, and had a beautiful day in the warmth and scattered clouds. 

Today's favourite road ... Hwy #17 bypassing Shelburne.

We had discovered quite a few years ago, a John Deere dealership near Barrie, "McLaren Equipment".  For a treat for our McLarens, I had connected with them to order hats for our hat fans, with "McLaren Equipment" printed on the hats.  At that point, I learned that the dealership is owned by Don McLaren, and his wife is Linda.  

On one trip to the north a few years later, we stopped in with our kids, and introduced ourselves to the fellow that happened to be their son.  The owners were not there at the moment but we had fun seeing the expression on his face meeting his parents' namesakes.

We stopped in yesterday, one of the few times we've been by during their business hours.  Finally got to meet the other Don!  Unfortunately his wife passed away in 2012.  But we did get another nice hat.

Our destination for our first day was to be the cottage, to drain the water out of the little fishing boat. Just before Parry Sound, I felt a burning on my inner thigh ... sometimes on earlier bikes there was a spot that if I got my leg positioned just wrong, I would find a hot spot.  This time though, it was a gigantic bumble bee, stinging me!  Swooshed him off but the damage was done.  Found a washroom to inspect the damage ... the stinger was gone and had a lovely welt the size of a toonie.

Dinner at "Trapper's Inn" in Parry Sound, followed by said boat draining and washing of lures.  Night at the cottage.  Heaven :)

An all day rain today ... much needed!  Have a terrific view of the lake watching the rain.  Lots of options in the pantry for noshing.
Goal - drain water from boat


Inuksuk family!

Cotton Candy Sunset views

Spectacular Sunset view