Summer Adventure Tour - Vernon BC - Cranbrook BC

A cool and mostly cloudy day (although I still got more sunburned on my face, with SPF 60 and having the face shield - which also is supposed to have SPF protection - down all day).  A day of mountains, valleys, babbling rivers, train tracks, snow sheds, tunnels, eagle nests, and the world's largest paddle!

At Albert's Peak, there is a train track through a rock cut, and a tunnel on the other side of the river.

Albert's Peak - this lovely warning sign on handling unexploded charges

Albert's Peak pull off - view the opposite direction as above

World's largest hand paddle - near Golden
Rest stop with a monument to the TransCanada Hwy

Tile mosaic of Canada and the TransCanada Highway

Avalanche control artillery

Avalanche control artillery placque
Lots of eagle nests along Hwy 95 south of Golden - most are on poles erected just for this purpose - right beside hydro poles with tented pointy anti-nesting-looking devices at the top.  Lots also had one or two or three residents.  These residents were screeching at us wildly as we were taking their glamour shots.
Eagle's nest


Just past Radium Springs

Radium Springs - view of the road ahead

Vernon BC -> Cranbook BC


  1. Sure looks like a wonderful bike trip vacation. Wonderful scenery. Fun is all I can say!


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