Summer Adventure Tour - Vernon BC - Farquier and back

Bath Day for the bikes!
After their cross-country trip, the bikes desperately needed a bath!  Bugs and mud and dust and more bugs.  Love the car washes that take cards! 

Rest area along BC#6

Wee wild lupins

Wee lake at the rest stop
BC #6 is a beautiful road of hills and curves.  Hills from 6% grade to 12%.  The hill down to the ferry is a fun 11% grade.  It was a blast doing this both directions.

At the river and ferry crossing, there is also an area set up to corral logs - a spot for trucks to offload, and a boom around a huge area to keep the logs in order. 

Log booms in the river at Farquier
The ferry held lots of vehicles.  Livestock loads have priority, say the signs.  There is no wake from the ferry - three cables guide the ferry back and forth on its journeys.

Cable ferry at the river crossing to Farquier

Took a small side trip to Edgewood for a cool beverage and there was this beautiful number on my odometer.  Right at Edgewood General Store.  They have hardware, groceries, beer, wine, liquor, hats, ice cream treats, candy and also sell gas.  One stop shopping.

On the way out to Edgewood, Don spotted another bear!  He turned around to try to get a photo, but the bear disappeared into the bushes.

Fun odometer reading at Edgewood BC

Coming back into Vernon, we can see there is another wildfire underway ...

BC #6 both directions!