Summer Adventure Tour - Thunder Bay -> Keewatin

A brisk start to the day - ended up putting the outer layer of our coats on to warm up.  
Stopped for construction - controlled one-way traffic
  • Random rememberings from yesterday -
    • Mom Lake followed immediately by Dad Lake
    • Side road "Yellow Brick Road" leads to the Barrick gold mine
  • Lots of shorelines and rocks and pines and peeks of water along the way.
  • Construction season continues - lots of stops for one-way controlled traffic.
  • Eagle nests at the tops of hydro towers, one with a bald eagle peering about
  • Passed the "Arctic Watershed" - where all water begins draining north into the Arctic.
Bunny Lake picnic area for a wee hike

Have to find out what this plant is - looks like a fern but has beautiful tufts of yellow flowers
UPDATE!  Common Tansy Golden-Buttons!

Draft glass has "panic line" marked on it :)

  • Booked into Brewer's Inn in Keewatin - delightful rooms.  Also has a bistro - Broken Paddle - terrific dinner, well presented, fresh and tasty!