Summer Adventure Tour - Lloydminster -> Edson AB

Monday was a rest day!  Also our 35th wedding anniversary.  Wow, what a journey we've enjoyed together.

There was also a huge storm hitting the area where we were headed next ... there was a tornado and some areas were flooded - a Sobey's parking lot in Westlock was transformed into canoe/kayak hot spot.

Today was still grey and gloomy with the storm system still swirling but with breaks, and we thought we could manage through.  It was 11* when we left, between 13* - 15* for most of the day.  After we were west of Edmonton, the cloud cover did break and there was some sun.  And then we got soaked! Ah well.  Such is the lot of riding.  We were pretty well dry by the time we reached our destination for tonight, Edson AB.

At our first stop for a stretch, we pulled into a fuel station, with this view overlooking the valley. Right beside the parking lot is a wee prairie dog homestead.

Gloomy day but nice view over the valley
Prairie Dog watching us
Found a rainbow!

View from our hotel

Random thoughts along the way ...

  • How is it determined who gets to bale and harvest those bales along the roadway?  There was one bale showing evidence of litter that ignoramuses decide somehow belongs along the road.
  • Magpies - lots of these along the way - I love their bright white bars.
  • So many pickup trucks
  • A few fields of corn - must be for haylage?
  • Discovered the Edmonton Pioneer Research Station!
  • What does a Peace Officer do?  There were a couple of their SUV's along the way.
With the weather so iffy, we didn't stop to explore anything along the way.  We did see a sign for the largest Pysanka at Vegreville.  Neither of us knew what a pysanka is ... this is what we missed!
Vegreville Pysanka

And the world's largest dragonfly at Wabamun.

This is what happens when you research after you've already gone past these fun sights.  And it's crummy, stormy weather.


  1. LOL--the peace officers give you speeding tickets :) You must have been behaving. Ditch hay, generally the person farming the fronting land gets first dibs--and if you want it you check with said person. Some people even pull the highway fences (if they aren't running cattle) and farm a lot of ditch--you may have noticed some fields like that.

  2. Here's the official listing about Peace Officers--

    A Public Security Peace Officer (PSPO) is a person who works to uphold and enforce certain laws and regulations in Alberta. A PSPO is given limited powers and authority, under the current Alberta Peace Officer Act (May, 2007). They are not to be confused with Police Officers, who have a much wider range of authority.

    Currently, there are over 3000 PSPOs in Alberta, working for some 284 different agencies, with Provincial Government offices being the largest employer. All levels of government, as well as organizations such as public health authorities and post-secondary institutions may employ PSPOs.


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