Summer Adventure Tour - Kamloops - Vernon BC

Another beautiful BC day - full of sunshine!  Gorgeous backroads most of the day, in good condition with not much traffic.  My kind of day!  Right up until we got to Summerland then Kelowna all the way to Vernon - then it was heavy traffic.  Too early to be rush hour, but maybe people heading out for weekend playtime?

Two bears spotted today - one just after we started up the small mountain road #3A - a good sized black bear, loping down the road, then scampering off into the brush.  Then at the other end of #3A - at an abandoned garbage dumpster site - big fella sitting on the top of the dumpsters.  He just stayed there when Don took his picture!  

Rest area along BC #5A

Lunch at Keremeos

Serious picnic tables!

Best road of the day!  Mountain road #3A - bridges over babbling brooks have wooden decks

View from the other direction from the wooden deck bridge on #3A

Big, beautiful elderberries! Tons of these bushes along the roadway.

Saw another of these warning signs today
Moose crossing warning.  The first few times I saw this version I couldn't get my head wrapped around which direction the moose was facing

This was the sight we saw when we arrived in Penticton - so many people floating in the canal!

Today's route