Summer Adventure Tour - Edson AB - Jasper - Prince George BC

What a delightful day!  We started off by visiting Runaway Quilting, a beautiful quilt store right down the street from our hotel.  They had a terrific array of tools and fabrics.  A few treasures leaped into my arms to come home with me :)  Including a thimble I've been on the lookout for, for months and months!  

Jasper National Park
Just look at the day we had!  Glorious skies, mountains, streams, wildlife.

Wild goats coming up from the lake to cross the highway and head for the mountains

Just breathe in that mountain air!
Lunch at the De'd Dog Bar & Grill in Jasper.  We were too early though for the dinner menu, which starts at 4:20.  
Lunch in Jasper

Mount Robson
We didn't get his pix, but a bear poked his head out of the grasses along the side of the road, checked for traffic before he headed across.  He waited until we passed by.  Didn't see any cubs, just the one pretty big black bear.
Babbling brook at a rest stop about an hour outside of Prince George


  1. Those are Big Horn Sheep. The Mountain Goats have the bright white coats. I know, they look like goats, but are Sheep. Too bad you didn't have more time in Jasper, it's a fabulous place.


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