Summer Adventure Tour - Cranbrook - Glacier National Park - Shelby

Cool and bright, beautiful blue skies to start the day!  We were quickly at the border crossing at Roosville and into Montana, on our way to Glacier National Park and the Going to the Sun Highway.

The saddest part of the day was arriving at our hotel in Shelby, to discover that my reservation was for last night, not tonight.  Ugh.  And they're booked with busloads tonight.  Luckily another hotel down the road did have a room available.  Lots of GoldWing in both parking lots - looks like lots heading towards Billings and the Wing Ding '38!

Heard on the news tonight that we were ahead of the storms through Glacier, with hail!  Glad we missed that, whew!

Border crossing - Roosville
 Isn't this just the best tour trolley?  I'd love to go on a guided tour in one of these!

Tour trolley!
Beautiful skies, heat into the 30's, beautiful roads, beautiful sights.

Narrow roadways near the summit, with delightful rock guardrails.  

The Travellers!

Picked up a huge hitchhiker.  Critter hung on for a long time!  Some sort of ugly beetle.

Heading east out of Glacier National Park gives way to flatter, wheat fields. That's the park in the horizon.


  1. Love that Going to the Sun road. It would be so amazing on a bike.


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