Rainy Day hideout

It was an all-day rain, mostly a gentle, straight-down rain.  Some gusts and some heavier downpours. 

It was actually quite delightful to be able to hunker down at the cottage instead of driving in the rain all day.

Mid-day, checking out the kitchen window, it was a nasty surprise to see my bike toppled over. Luckily, Don is a master at standing the bike back up (see the technique here ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5k4Uj3YTnY) and had it back up in no time.  Apparently outside of the wheel tracks in the driveway aren't a good spot to stick the kickstand.  Moved the bike a bit, and added a puck for more stability.

On our way out for a dinner out, we encountered a down tree on the road.  We piled out of the car to see what we could do.  Managed to move it a bit, but it was wedged between two other trees and would not be moved without some chopping up.  We had nothing in the car with us.  As we're pondering this dilemma, along comes another vehicle.  They pile out to see what's up.  There are two fellas, ready to work together to heave it off the road.  After determining that this wasn't going to be a winning strategy, the driver went back to his vehicle to retrieve his bandsaw.  Which he just happened to have with him.  As you do.

Picked a spot on the tree and took turns and worked through the tree.  Another vehicle arrived, and another.  Everyone piles out to help.  Got the job done, everyone carries on :)
Have to drain the fishing boat again after this all-day rain!

Lure-washing success #1

Lure-washing success #2!

Family of ducks swimming in the calm marshy water

Moon rising

Sun setting on the fishing hole - love this profile!

Moon rise and reflection