Thursday, April 21, 2016

Farmers Wife 32 and 55

Just a couple of Farmer's Wife blocks to share ...

FW 32 - Farmer's Daughter

FW 55 - Linoleum

FW 55 - Linoleum is this week's Block of the Week in the Yahoo user group I'm following for this quilt.  I thought that "linoleum" was begging for the wild prints swirls and whirls!


  1. Loving your little quilt blocks but too fussy for me to make I think. Some of those pieces are small! Looking forward to seeing your completed quilt.

    1. There are so many itty bitty pieces! This is new for me - working with such small pieces. I am humbled knowing that I have all these modern tools and so many different methods to make these - cannot imagine doing this by hand and with scissors and if you're lucky you might have something like card stock to make templates.


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