Farmers Wife Sampler Blocks Blocks 9, 11, 87, 88, 92, 97, 98, 101, 107

Making these lovelies is - interesting, frustrating, rewarding, humbling.

Each one is 6 1/2".  That is not very big.

I'm following along a bit with the Yahoo group (FarmersWifeSampler) and they have a Block of the Week, which is why I'm jumping around a bit with which blocks I've done.

Interesting for all the history behind each square.
Frustrating because it takes me a very long time to do every blasted wee square. 
Rewarding once they are done (if they work out nicely and I don't want to just toss it in the garbage)
Humbling realizing how much it took for the sewists of yesteryear who did this by candlelight or propane lamps, from remnants.  

Here are my blocks from the last few days:

FWS Block 9 - Box

FWS Block 11 - Broken Dishes
FWS Block 87 - Star Gardener - this one has 57 pieces!

FWS Block 88 - Star of  Hope

FWS Block 92 - Streak of Lightening

FWS Block 97 - Waste Not

FWS Block 98 - Waterwheel

FWS Block 101 - Wedding Ring

FWS Block 107 - Windblown Star

For the paper piecing, I'm using the freezer paper no-rip method.  There was a workshop that the Chatham Kent Quilters Guild (led by our very talented Evelyn) did a bit ago showing us this method. I love that you get the precision but don't have to rip out bits of paper (and pop stitches).  There are quite a few sites showing this method including this one ... and here

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