Farmers Wife Sampler and Mud Blocks 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 42

Yesterday was full of quilting.  Basking in the Arizona sun.  Life is good.

Six inch blocks.  All of these are paper pieced, except for 'FWS Block 6 Big Dipper'.  

FWS Block 1 Attic Windows

FWS Block 5 BatWing

FWS Block 6 Big Dipper

FWS Block 7 Birds in the Air

FWS Block 8 Bouquet

FWS Block 42 Fruit Basket

I'm a member of the London Modern Quilt Guild, and we're doing more work on colour this year.  One of the topics is 'Mud and Neutrals', and how 'mud' works with so many different colours.  The last block here - 42 Fruit Basket - has a wonderful 'mud' that I had brought along with me!  More on using 'mud' in modern quilts here ... Desert Island Solids: MUD