Design Dilemma

Design challenge / dilemma / conundrum ... long but a story with a happy ending. The digital design I wanted to put on this section was not sized quite what it needed to be. Fired up the program to tweak these designs, which needs an encrypted dongle, and today the computer won't recognize the dongle. So it won't open the program. I know the updates affected a bunch of device drivers, as I also had to manually update the wireless drivers so the would recognize the house wifi without the wifi having just been restarted so it was broadcasting fresh information. And apparently the update also trashed the dongle drivers.
Installed the software on an older computer (not yet updated to W10, and I'm not going to!!). Dongle works just fine with it. Load the design. I can resize it AOK, but the design is a rectangle, and the space it needs to go is a square, so I'd have to skew the design, and I didn't like it.
Went through the other designs in my library to pick out something different to fit this quilt, but before I start working on tweaking these, I find a few other quilted designs that trigger a thought ... run upstairs, pull out my swags ruler (from The Gadget Girls) and voila! Beautiful, undulating sine waves. PERFECT. I'll turn the quilt and do the other direction to create a sine-wavy organic crosshatch. Happy dance!

Should be able to do a full reveal on this quilt before Chrismas ;)