Quilting with Cheryl Arkison - LMQG Trunk Show & Values Workshop

This has been a fabulous week of quilting! Hyggeligt Fabrics arranged for Cheryl Arkison to come - she did a trunk show for the London Modern Quilt Guild and two days of workshops in St Mary's.  I was delighted to be at all three events.

Cheryl at the LMQG trunk show - with her Improv Sewing Machines quilt
And I got a last-minute call from the organizers at the LMQG - they needed a driver to bring Cheryl from the B&B she was staying at to the Artisan Centre for the trunk show.  This I could do!  Had a lovely introduction to Cheryl and her sense of humour.

Cheryl's Meadow Flowers

Cheryl's Equalizer quilt
The first workshop was on "Values".  

Here is where we learned to take colour out of the equation when pairing fabrics.  We cut squares, sorted into piles of light, medium or dark values.  I had pretty much just light and dark. 

Remove the colour, see if there are any that need to be moved to a different pile.  

Cheryl demonstrating various layouts - HST's are kind of magical - so many terrific designs from this versatile block.  What makes this all possible - having a good balance between the light and dark values - lots of contrast.

Here is my creation for the day - will add more squares to make a bigger quilt.  First, decolourized.

And in my colours ...

Things I learned today ...

  • Cheryl is a terrific teacher - her emphasis is on process and play
  • when sewing the HST's start the first seam on the right side of your line - this got me more consistent results than I've had!
  • the importance of squaring up - I'm already a huge believer in this one :)
  • how to press HST's without stretching all that bias
  • how to take your blocks from the design wall to the sewing machine and keep everything in the right order!  All at once – in the right orientation!
  • PLAY!

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