On the Road - Walla Walla - Kelso WA

Even though we didn't get underway until after noon, we still managed eight hours in the saddle.  

Started out on a road recommended by a fellow biker who happened by while Don was getting the bikes ready - Hwy #14 along the Columbia River.  Beautiful road!  Discovered that there are no services for more than 90 miles.  We had started out with a half tank and when we saw the sign posted, we both calculated our range and decided to forge ahead.  It turned out more like 110 miles and we were running on fumes when we encountered a gas station next.

Hot, hot, hot.  Up to 35*C for most of the day.  

Crossed over the Columbia River - on a steel grated bridge with a drawbridge section - hanging on much too tightly.  Especially in the centre part where the grids were even closer and even harder to drive on.  Did I mention it was a narrow bridge with narrow lanes.  Did I mention I really don't like bridges??  Especially this one.  My new not favourite bridge.

On the south side of the Columbia River - Oregon!  We are in Oregon!  Bucket list blasted wide open :)

Beautiful Hwy #30 along the river.  Winds through the hills right next to I84.  We found Horsetail Falls, Multnoma Falls.  Stopped for some beautiful scenery and photo ops.  At Vista House, parked beside three other bikes and their bikers for a nice visit.  And discovered that there was a couple that was locked IN Vista House, on the top outdoor floor.  The facility closed at six and they were locked IN.  While we were looking for phone numbers to connect with park rangers, a ranger truck stopped by and they were flagged down to let them out!

Driving into the sun for the last bit to find our spot for the night.  Passed the road to Mt St Helen, which we intend to head back to tomorrow!

I was happy to have had my visor down (and helmet on, always!) when a truck meeting us threw up a stone my way - pinged off my visor.  So glad I had that protection on - wow that would have hurt!  Wee gouge in the visor I can live with!

Horsetail Falls

Multnoma Falls

Vista House
Vista House

Walla Walla WA to Kelso WA