On the Road - Tumwater WA - Lincoln City OR - Coos Bay OR

Two days travel - along the Pacific Coast Highway.  Started in Washington, travelling through Oregon.  Heavenly.

Stopped at Hug Point - paved but steep and key point - has a restroom!  The regular restrooms were closed due to vandalism but there was an older one-seater available.  

Lunch was a delightful stop in Nehalam OR, at "The Garden Pizza".  Awesome little place - had crobster lasagna - with both crab and lobster, in an alfredo sauce.  Yummmmmmm.  

Another store in this wee town "Dollar-ish Bargains"!

Lincoln City OR - Coos Bay OR - a short day, waited out the rain a bit and it was very cool.

Fun stop at Chaos Chasm, where the waves have made some very cool formations, including a "Spouting Horn" - a cave whose top has eroded, forcing the water up and through.  

So far I've been very happy going over all the bridges along the PCH - they've all been paved, no steel grates.  Hooray!!