On the Road - Shelby MT - Going to the Sun - Glacier National Park - Missoula MT

The last two days, Logan's Pass on the 'Going to the Sun' hwy through Glacier National Park has been closed due to winter weather conditions.  Checking this morning, it is open again!  Off we go!

  • Started with a brief wash to get some of the construction mud off the 'Wings.
  • More construction through Browning, with a sign directing all motorcycle traffic off in a different direction around the construction, but we could not see where it would get us to Glacier, so we went through the construction.  Gah.  
  • Arrived at the East Glacier Park village, added our rain gear at the visitor centre - we could see lots of dark clouds and the Ranger warned us of fog at the top.  If it rained we might keep drier, and the rain gear also helps cut the wind.
  • Hands down, this is the best paved high pass we have been on!  Fabulous roads, well marked, good turnouts.  
  • There was a lot of traffic - maybe because of the 2-day closing or maybe because it's Labour day!
  • Definitely had snow at Logan's Pass - still lots at the side of the road
  • Down to 5*C at the top of the route
  • A large swath of burned out section on the east side
  • Lunch at the West Glacier Park Village, served by an Australian fella.
  • On to the scenic route along the west side of the park, along Flathead Lake.  Had to don our rain gear again - it was warmer but raining for parts of this run.
  • Finished today's run at Missoula MT, and it was a balmy 15*C.  Scored a room with a vaulted ceiling and windows
  • Supper at McKenzie River Pizza - tried three different wines - a nice White Zinfindel, a lovely Sauvignon Blanc, finished with a delightful Cabernet Sauvignon .