On the Road - Missoula Mt - Walla Walla WA

Our entire day was on Hwy #12 - the Lewis & Clark Scenic Byway - through Montana, Idaho and into Washington.  

Temps were 3*C when we woke up, 7* by the time we were under way, and got up to 30*!  Layers, layers, layers!

This is a beautiful piece of highway, but very few services.  An occasional pull out with roadside washrooms.

Going through Idaho, there were lots of notices about fire fighting, and some of the trails were closed.  We got whiffs of smoke now and then, and there were some areas that had seen recent fires. 

The byway goes through Lolo National Forest, and follows a river most of the way.  Varies from a babbling brook to a beautiful wide river.

Forest gives way to humpy, bumpy, arid grasslands.  A few spots were irrigating.  Seeing the fields where they are cropping the humpy bumps is astonishing - I knew that there are sidehill combines but actually seeing the fields - wow.  Yikes!