On the Road - Longview - Yakima - Tumwater WA

Two days travel - Friday touring Mt St Helen's National Park and Monument, Saturday travelling Mt. Ranier National Park.

Visited Mt St Helen's including two visitor centres.  Saw two different films, and one very awesome story-telling Park Ranger.  At the Johnston Observatory film, when the film ended and the curtain rose, it opened up to a full view of Mt St Helen's ... awesome!

Every time I pass by the sign that says "ROCKS", I wonder if they're advising us what these beautiful edifices we're witnessing are, or are a warning?  Like the signs on fields of 'CORN' or 'SOYBEANS', I'll think of them as labels not warnings, and smile.

Localisms for signage continues.  On the warnings for seat belt use - why is there an additional instruction "DAY AND NIGHT USE REQUIRED"?  Seriously?  Does someone think that seatbelts work better at night or in the daytime?

Mt. Ranier National Park - we thought we were going to have a nice quiet lunch at the Paradise Rd loop which has a restaurant.  Yes, and so did the thousands of others visiting the park today!!  Lower and upper lots and all parking along the loop were all full.  Great day for the restaurant!!  We did find lunch at a quieter spot further down the road.