On the Road - Kanab UT - Cortez CO

Colorado, we're baaaaaack!

We've had some fabulous rides in Colorado, we're looking forward to a few days re-exploring some of our fav rides.

Stopped in Page UT for a tour of the Glen Canyon Dam.  Note to self - take the time to listen to Ranger talks!  There was a model of the canyon region and the very able Ranger gave a terrific outline of the history of the dam ... and of the model.  The model was created by an artist early 1960's from a dense foam.  He worked from aerial photos and topographical maps, and took soil samples from all the different areas.  There are 78 different shades of red rock in the model.  The dam itself has more concrete than the Hoover Dam.

We managed to miss most of the rain until the last 45 minutes - but were rewarded with a rainbow! Then at the hotel, another rainbow.  Both of these were double rainbows, but only managed to catch a single while we were on the road.