On the Road - heading home!

3 days travel ...

Montrose CO to Black Canyon National Park.  Last time through, there were wildfires and the canyon was engulfed in a haze.  This time, brilliant sunshine and the canyon in all its glory!

And on to Monarch Crest over Monarch Mountain, 11352 ft.  Another day almost entirely above 7,500 ft.

Getting itchy to be back home ....  last hurrah at mountains going through Rocky Mountain National Park.  Last time, we did this east to west, in the fog and snow.  This time, much improved - west to east and beautiful sunshine and warm weather!!

Then onto the Interstates to make tracks homeward bound.

Nebraska - foothills and flat, grassy high desert.  Irrigated fields of hay, corn, some milo.  Feedlots - huge feedlots!

Iowa - rolling, contoured beautiful fields of corn and soybeans.  Terraced fields, grassy waterways. Some combines rolling in corn fields - including one with a 'down corn' attachment, although it didn't look like the corn was down.

Corn fields ready before soy fields.

An accident on I80 near Newport involving 2 motorcycles - westbound traffic all diverted, accident reconstruction team onsite, both motorcycles sadly on their sides along with cars in the median and trucks on the side of the road.  Cannot be good news.  

"Fishbowl Margarita" and gigantic draft fit the bill for dinner tonite!