On the Road - Cortez - Montrose CO

Ah, Colorado, how we love your roads!

One of our all-time favourites - the "Million Dollar Highway".  Colorado #550 from Durango to Ouray.  Three mountain passes, most of the day over 10,000 ft, steep climbs, sharp curves, deep drop-offs, few guardrails.

There were billboards advising of construction on Red Mountain Pass, and we couldn't remember exactly where that pass was.  The highway is closed weekdays EXCEPT for the crew's lunch break. So only open between 12 noon and 1 pm daily.  We didn't dilly-dally.  Managed to time it just right to get through all the construction in good time.

The aspens are turning - we had brilliant sunshine, warmish temps and glorious golden aspens flittering in the wind.

Don got some photos, but I only captured a couple while we were stopped waiting for the one-way traffic.

Where they're doing construction, they have removed half the road that is on the outer side - yikes!