On the Road - Cody WY - Yellowstone National Park - Bozeman MT - Shelby MT

Two days travel. 
It's turned very brisk!  
From Cody, back to the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway to Beartooth (212) into Yellowstone National Park.
Lots more cattle roaming loose on Chief Joseph hwy, including one momma just at the side of the road, glowering at her calf to get the heck off the middle of the road and over with her, and the calf finally decided to do just that.  
Arrived Yellowstone at the NorthEast gate, which has just the ranger booth.  
Beautiful highway with quite a bit of traffic going towards the centre of Yellowstone.
Looped down to travel the perimeter of Yellowstone Lake, then back northwards.  
Lots of bison - also roaming loose in the Park.
Construction!  The road has been ripped down to smooshy clay with bits of gravel ... yuck.
At the Visitor Centre close to the NorthWest entrance, a herd of elk for rutting season, just hangin' around ... the big bull chased a younger bull away from the harem to across the road.  So much traffic there is a Park Ranger managing the traffic, trying to keep everyone moving past the elk.
Temps down to 6*C at the higher elevations, up to 12*C a bit lower - brrr!
On to Bozeman for the night.
There is a bison over there!

Field of Bison

Just hangin'
Sunday - Bozeman to Shelby MT
Cool day again - started at 7*C.  News from one of our hoped-for drives - Glacier National Park's 'Going to the Sun' main drive is closed for winter weather conditions.  We're hoping that a day or two will open it back up again!
Herds of deer prancing far in the distance.
A parade!
More reminders of the power of Mother Nature - huge winds all day - rocking the 'Wings.  My shoulders and hands ache and ache.

Parade along the way - including a 'General Lee'!