On the Road - Cody WY - Beartooth Pass - Red Lodge MT - Friends & Co Quilt Shop!

Fabulous Friday! Bike update ... Chief Joseph Highway - I did not remember sooooo many cattle ranging loose! Beside the road, on the road - one calf in the middle of the road - Don thought he might pat his nose but worried that momma cow might take offense - then the calf decided to run in front of me. A few deer. Beartooth Pass - all sorts of weather - cool start with brilliant sunshine and clear skies, patches of chunky rain on the east side of the pass.

There were at least two adventure bicycling groups on Beartooth Pass - kudos to these folks!
There was a possibility that we would retrace our path today and do the Beartooth again, in the opposite direction. That chunky rain kaiboshed this plan. 177 miles on the route, five hours drive time.

Fabulous Friday! Quilt update ... signs along the highway coming into Cody WY advertising a huge quilt store - Friends and Co Quilt Shop. When we checked into our hotel, the staff gave us directions on how to get there smile emoticon At the end of our ride today, popped in to get my quilty fix - and my oh my, it is fabulous! Terrific staff, so many bolts of yummy fabric - gorgeous quilting cottons, batiks, flannel. Thread - whatever kind of thread a body could ask for! Sewing machines, long-arms, embroidery machines, sergers. Tools! So many cool tools! Had a nice visit with the staff.
Even Don had an interesting time - visiting with the shop co-owner Arnold, outside while I browsed. This shop was featured in "Quilt Sampler" Spring/Summer 2011 edition. The quilt they designed for this article 'Out on the Range' was on display!

And yes, I found a few treasures that had to follow me home!