On the Road - Albert Lea MN - Wall SD

Albert Lea MN - Wall SD:  460 miles (740 km).

I90, a straight shot across Minnesota and South Dakota.  From gently rolling farmland to some contour and dry ranch farms to the beginning of the badlands. Some fun tidbits ...

  • a few spots where trees have been planted as windbreaks
  • some huge wind farms
  • the wind farm nursery - a plant where the turbine towers are built, right alongside I90
  • the speed limit in South Dakota on I90 is 80 mph?  Yup.
  • logs of long, long stretches of fabulous pavement, lots more under construction - drop you speed down to 65 mph and share the highway with oncoming traffic, separated by thin little traffic cones.  And lots of long stretches of pavement that feels like cordoroy.  
  • it is a terrible combination to drive into the sunset, driving 80 mph, on cordoroy pavement
  • my fitbit is having a fabulous workout!  Worn on my arm, today it recorded +25,000 steps and 292 flights of stairs.  Me, I experienced eight hours driving my motorcycle and two flights of stairs.
Only one photo stop today - just getting to the Badlands in SD, about 45 minutes from Wall ...