On the road - Sunday Aug 30 - Harbor Springs MI to Albert Lea MN

Harbor Springs MI -> Tunnel of Trees scenic highway -> Mackinaw Bridge -> Rapid River MI for lunch -> Michigan / Wisconsin #41 around Lake Michigan to Oshkosh -> #21 to Tomah MN -> I94 -> I90 to Albert Lea MN

619 miles, or in Canadian, 996 km.

Fog when we headed out, warmed up nicely!  Mackinaw bridge was not scary - no construction, no high winds - easy peasy :)

Lots of construction.  Crossing into Minnesota, no more cement protector-things - just wee little orange columns.

If we're not 'broken in' then we are maybe just broken.

Luckily we changed time zones - got longer to get to our scheduled destination.

619 miles is too long for the communicator batteries to last - lost them with an hour to go.  Also too long for cell phones - had to recharge on the go.  Both critical because I listen to my music from my phone thru my communicator headset.  Heaven forbid I should have empty air - too many wild random thoughts popping here!  there!  way over there!  wait - up here too!

All the time on the bikes, no pictures today!