On the Road Again! Happy bits everywhere

We did it - got ourselves out the door and on the road!  

Stopped in Flint MI to see McLaren General Hospital.  One of the heard-for-years stories is that there is a bronze bust of Margaret McLaren, Don's great-aunt.  She was a nurse and became Superintendent of McLaren Hospital.  

We didn't find the bust, but we did find a lovely portrait and plaques, and a history wall honouring the hospital history.

We traveled northwards through towards the Mackinaw Bridge - found a nice landing spot at Harbor Springs, MI - plan tomorrow to start the day travelling through the 'Tunnel of Trees' before crossing the bridge and heading west.
We were wet much of the day, but it was warm and we eventually gave up and put our Frogg Toggs on.  In some spots there weren't even any clouds and it was still raining!  

Fun dinner at the Sassy Loon Bar & Grill, with a delightful Coconut Lime Margarita to start!

Most despicable sign spotted today ... "Black Lives Matter" ... co-opted by Right-To-Life.

And somehow in my head when I saw the "Elk Crossing" signs, I interpreted those as town signs, not warning signs... arggg!