Quilting while watching curling

This has been a terrific week to quilt and watch curling - the Scott's Tournament of Hearts (Canadian Women's Championship) has been on all week.  

The 'Early Memory' quilts I've been plugging away at have moved to their next stages - Keiran's is off the frame, binding on and needs the hand-stitching for the binding and sleeve, and the label. Soraya's quilt has all of the applique leaves and goodies applied and is on the frame!  Pix of them in the next couple of days.

Cosmic Twist Bargello
And today was a huge day for the next quilt coming up - a wedding quilt for a delightful friend of my middlest.  The pattern decided upon is a bargello 'Cosmic Twist' (from Eileen Wright's book, "Twist-and-Turn Bargello Quilts").  Colours are mostly blues with white, and a little yellow and earth tone to co-ordinate with a 'Dr Who: Exploding Tardis' poster.  Decided I wanted to do this one in batiks. Lovelies found at my local quilt stores and some in my stash, and another handful from a delightful shop we found during our recent getaway in Phoenix.

Dr Who - Exploding Tardis poster
Supplies gathered -
fabric, iron, starch in spray bottle, rotary cutter & ruler,
numbered pins, fabric chart, cutting and placement chart 
Twenty fabrics - blues, yellow, whites and a bit of earth

Strips cut

I've extended the design to add another arc so it will be big enough.

One of the frustrations with this project is that I bought the book as a Kindle book, using the desktop app, and you (well, I can't find it!) can't print from it. Having to cut/paste into Word and print from that is a painful nuisance.

Something wonderful I've been seeing on social media - a #NoMeanGirls campaign.  Prominent quilters lifting up and praising other quilters.  Fabulous! 


  1. that bargello is going to be amazing Linda!

  2. Thanks Michelle! It's coming together very nicely, love bargellos! You can plan them out and fill in graphs with the colours and it's still a wonderful surprise to have the real fabric play together in new and beautiful ways!


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