Early Memory Quilt II

I've been working on a pair of 'early memory' quilts for a friend.  Have the little guy's on the longarm.  Alternating between that and doing the little gal's.  They are very different - the little princess quilt is a stylized tree - with the leaves taken from outfits. 

For this one, I wanted the background to sort of sparkle so I picked a variety of batik FQ's and made a chevron background. Appliqued the tree trunk on today, and am auditioning the 'leaf' placements.  So many very cool and fun outfits! I'm doing a lot of "oooh-ing" and "ahhh-ing".

Sneak peek ... the 'leaves' will show up better with they get appliqued to the background - will use contrast threads to jazz them up.  So far really just throwing them on the wall, will move them around to balance colours and shapes.