Memory quilt progress

Yesterday ended horridly.  After beautifully working on part of a pass for the blocks and sashing, my machine kept breaking the top thread.  Checked everything, changed the needle, etc.  No joy - breaking every few inches. Pulling the thread off of the cone slowly did show a wee catch but that's the only thing I could see.  Called it a day.

This morning, decided I should try swapping the cone I'm winding bobbins from, and the cone that's feeding the quilter.  And ... voila! no more thread breaks! Sheesh.  Luckily no frogging needed, but there will be a lot of extra ends to bury.

So a few more passes done this afternoon.

Loving my new rulers from 'Quilters Apothecary' -
added a wee bit of tape on the ruler to mark the distance to the next line to quilt.

Corner - squaragonal corner, beadboard border,
simple wavy line in the smaller green sashing.

Flames in the border of the Mickey bib overall snippet

Tigg'r loops, framed with straight lines in this sashing

More Tigg'r loops