Feather Boot Camp

I've been a member of the discussion forum, Machine Quilter’s Resource for a number of years, have learned so very much and enjoyed the discussions, support and sharing of these talented quilters.

One of these quilters, Suzanne Earley, put together a "Feather Boot Camp" series in 2009 and offered it for $50.  This is now freely available at http://wp.me/PqREJ-1Lu or click on the banner below! Many of the quilters on this forum can attest to having taken this boot camp, which made a huge difference in their confidence and abilities.  

There is a 'Virtual Tip Jar' available - for donations - if you find the lessons of value.
Feather Boot Camp

In the lessons, Suzanne will suggest posting your progress on the forum, and she is talking about Machine Quilter’s Resource, a terrific place I recommend for help and advice, general support and encouragement.  Create an account (it’s free too), and you can post your progress.  Suzanne may not be able to answer all your posts, but I assure you that there are lots of other quilters there who will, including me.  Many of us have taken the course, and can help you with whatever you need. 

I highly recommend the bootcamp!  I have her "Meandering Magic" books too, which I've used and practised with and enjoyed.

Aren't quilters amazing?!