Ahhhhh - quilting!

We debated and considered and finally made a decision - whew!  The longarm finally has been set up in the bright upper bedroom.

I've been making tops since we moved to the new house, but couldn't finish anything!  Conscripted my youngest and her beau to help with the construction, and the frame was assembled.

Then to mount the Pfaff and set up QBot.  The new frame has a different  configuration for the rear rail, so the existing hardware didn't work.  Had to order an adapter kit from QBot, and figure out how to set up the encoder.  With the help of Joan at Sew Creative in Mt Brydges, we got everything all figured out.  Well, Don got it figured out - I was only supervising and cheering :)

First up was a practice piece - plain muslin to get the muscle memory back.  I was pretty happy that the feather forms weren't entirely horrible.  I've been practicing drawing lots, and reading and viewing videos.

One of the best new features of this setup - see that 'idler rail'?  LOVE it!  Means I don't have to keep raising and lowering the quilt as I roll.

And I had a bucket of 'Comfort Quilts' for the CKQG to quilt up - here they are on the frame.

Isn't this just the most delightful backing!  

Got those done and delivered before Christmas.  Off and running again!  Woot Woot!