Middlest birthday

A score and seven years ago, our Middlest burst into our world, bringing laughter and love. My heart bursts with pride for all my kids and I'm so thankful for the joy they bring us. On this day, we celebrate you and wish the happiest of birthdays, Middlest!

One of my favourite memories of when the kids were little, was reading Dennis Lee poems with them. Giggling and dancing and loving exploring words.

My all-time favourite:


An Ookpik is nothing but hair.
If you shave him, he isn't there.

He's never locked in the zoo.
He lives in a warm igloo.

He can whistle and dance on the walls.
He can dance on Niagara Falls.

He has nothing at all on his miind.
If you scratch him, he wags his behind.

He dances from morning to night.
Then he blinks.  That turns out the light.

Thank you, Dennis Lee, for all of the laughter and giggles that you gave us!

Proud moment!

Mile wide smile!