Happy Bits #50 - totally awesome!

We've been working for quite a while on refreshing our bikes ... these sturdy steeds have taken us to both coasts (Cape Breton Island twice!), Key West, to Colorado three times, and many many many points between (including the Four Corners - AZ, CO, UT, NM).

2003 and 2008 GoldWings - saying 'Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish!'
We started 'practicing for retirement' on the 2003 Goldwing, riding 2-up.  Had a blast, loved every minute.  I fretted about being able to drive the beast if the need should arise, and got my bike license.  Got a training bike (1985 750 MaximX - for sale if anyone is interested!).  Moved up to a beautiful blue Yamaha 1100 VStar.  Went to the East Coast, into the Appalachians, West Coast.  In 2008, we went to the Honda Hoot in Knoxville TN, where DH talked me into trying the Wing.  Acquired the dreaded GoldWing grin.  I grudgingly gave it back only after agreeing to get one ordered right up so I could get on the GoldWing as my own.  When I climbed on the GW as my ride, it had about 90,000 km.  

This is one of my favourite things about my GW - one night after dinner when we were riding 2-up, I accidentally kicked the 'G' off the 'GoldWing'.  Forever after, it has been my beloved 'OldWing' .

2003 GW with 142,851 km
2008 GW with 31,410 miles (about 50,550 km)

Today we thanked these beautiful machines, gave them a final shine, stripped of some of the bling we would keep (like my Deal's Gap blessed bell).  Rode them to the dealer, and traded them on two new 2014 GoldWings. 

Introducing ... 

Waiting for the license transfer ...

12.6 km on the ODO
Ready to go!  At the dealer's yard, photo op for their FB

2014 Home!

Intact fresh new 'GoldWing' brand

The dealer wants to see them back for a 1,000 km service and checkup, so we worked on breaking them in gently (and us!) today - only 450 km.  Beautiful day for riding, hot and sunny.  Great crop tour - a lot of variation out there - some wee corn, lots of patchy variable corn, some lush dark green taller corn.  
Fun things spotted today - cultivators behind horses - one across from a beautiful golf course for superb irony.  Beautiful Lake Huron.  "Gadget Garage".  One of the little towns totally bedecked in purple/yellow/white ribbons and flags.
Have to get highway pegs back on!

Totally awesome day - huge GW grins all around :)