Happy Bits #48

Well.  Game 7 of the New York Rangers vs Montreal Canadiens was a very good game, but the Habs are done for the year.  Tonight was the LA Kings vs Chicago Blackhawks - their Game 6.  Chicago took the win, their Game 7 is Sunday night, in Chicago.

Got a nice photo of the rhodo that I planted earlier this week.  When it came home it was still only buds but it was fully in flower today.  Bumble bees enjoying the splendour with me :)  It's still pretty teeny but it's glorious!  Will have to cover it for the winter so we don't lose it if it is as cold as this year!

My optimism sometimes way too often gets the better of me - we went to the practice range and I opted for the jumbo pail of balls.  We started on the putting green this time, then moved to the range.  Hit from the higher irons to the woods.  Definitely need lessons.  I was ready to be done quite a bit before the balls were gone ... just like I usually figure I can go 200 miles more than I actually can when we're on the bikes.  Oh well.