Happy Bits #46

Another quilting adventure - 'tis the season for quilt shows!  This is the 4th local show I've been to this spring - wohoo!  Today we visited the Ailsa Craig Community Quilt Festival (https://www.ailsacraigquiltfestival.ca) - this year's showing is "Quilts of Great Britain".
 This group has been organizing international quilt shows for a few years, each year focusing on a specific country.  What a well-organized show.  From the white glove attendants everywhere to help out, to the lunch with theme dishes, well done!

The quilts were entered as a result of a call for entry, and all quilts offered for showing were included - love that!  There were also 15 banners of the various regions of Great Britain - so interesting!  From miniatures (amazing creations!) to wall hangings, art quilts, bed quilts.  Many were hand pieced, many hand quilted too.
Each quilt had the story of that quilt (technique, name, inspiration, etc), as well as the story of the quiltmaker. Lovely.

Inspiring, delightful!

For the volunteers and vendors, it was the final day of a full week, but there was so much good humour, cheeriness and comradeship, it was just fun.