Happy BIts #40

Wow.  Friday was my last day with the company I've worked at for more than 15 years.  Yesterday was the first page of my next chapter.  And it was *fabulous*.  Silly little things that just made me happy.

  • slept in without feeling guilty
  • figured out that I don't have to go grocery shopping until Monday ... don't have to fight with the crowds!
  • cabin cleanup with joy - one of the favourite things in my new house is cleaning the master shower - it is a fabulous spa ensuite.  I fill a bucket with hot water, vinegar, a shot of dish soap and a shot of dishwasher rinse agent.  Pop into the shower with a long handled sponge thing and swab all the surfaces with the magic potion, let it sit while I shower.  Swab everything with fresh hot water, then squeegee the glass.  It's so satisfying, and the sunshine was streaming in, giving me a shot of happiness :)

  • March Madness is all about curling, right?  With the Olympics it has been extra fun. This week there is "The National" championship - yesterday we got to watch the curling legends and giants - Team Howard vs Team Martin.  F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S!  Today, it's Team Howard vs Team Gushue.  Expect more spectacular curling!  And this weekend the Women's World Curling championship at The Ford's started - Team Homan is a delight to watch.

    • Glenn Howard lines up a shot during Syncrude National play (Photo Credit: Anil Mungal).
      • Friday was "Pi Day" {3/14} - always a fun collection of images - my fav this year ...

      • This graphic went straight to my heart - it is one of my core values - to question everything, to look for new knowledge every day.  To be a lifelong learner.  AND this is an initiative to promote learning in different chunks so you can dive deeply or skim ... http://www.worldscienceu.com/  WOW.

      • Yesterday was Worldwide Quilting Day.  Power has been delivered to my quilting corner so I am able to do some sewing - YAY YAY YAY!  This is the project I'm working on ... in harvest colours of course.  I had started on it last summer, before we packed up, and I unearthed the box with this project and got to dig back into it.  So I got to QUILT and watch world class curling.  My heart is singing!

      This made me laugh and laugh!

      Yes, mine is totally broken!  Not sure it ever worked!

      Totally true ...