Happy Bits #38

Today I seem to be in full fibro flare - aches and pains and swollen joints - ugghhh! 

Yesterday was fabulous - my favourite husband's birthday.  Kids and MIL joined us for a feast.  The menu planned was prime rib, hasselback potatoes, garlic shrimp, mushroom medley, chopped salad, birthday cake.  The rib roasts at the grocer were not big enough - had to get two!  Everything was delicious, had a wonderful dinner and visit.

Thursday night was the staff gathering for my farewell dinner at work.  My heart was full of gratitude and thankfulness for the kind words and positive memories.  My friends from the credit union technology committee came for the gathering!! My family were all able to come as well, it was a bittersweet night.  I had prepared a short 'speech', as an interactive presentation ... I've been a collector of quotes, and I tried to illustrate the key things I was thankful for with an appropriate quote/lyric - the people were to identify the author/song etc.  I was pretty nervous this would fall flat on its face, but the troopers they are, they had fun with it!  

I have tried to present why I am leaving, as time to move to a new chapter in my life.  My closing comments in my 'speech'... more than 34 years ago, my DH asked, 'Accompany Me', and now it is time to 'Turn the Page'. .

For the last few months, I keep seeing things like the first three graphics ... time for a change, be true to yourself.  It is feeling very good be moving to the next chapter, even if it is also a bit terrifying!  And one of the fun things I've discovered too - I can make up completely live by new rules!  I astonished my DH yesterday by making a grocery list - I usually don't.  We both had a nice chuckle that I get to do things differently in this next chapter :)

Don't worry, I'm still a rebel!

And a quilter!

 Sherry updated the trapunto progress - here it is all painted 
- leaves me breathless!
"Joy" by Sherry Rogers-Harrison, sewfarsewgood.org
Karen Marchetti - creativelongarmquilting.blogspot.ca


  1. Yes, sometimes you need a change and I believe you recognized it before it was forced upon you. Love your quotes and I've saved some to post on Facebook. Hope that's okay with you?

    1. Absolutely Vi! The majority are ones I've found here and there - I do try to keep the source referenced on the quotes when I can!


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