Happy Bits #36

How did she know?  One of my co-workers dropped in with a delightful little piece of chocolate for me mid-afternoon - yummmm!
So is it because I'm looking for the messages, am more open to them, or some sort of karma ... I am finding all kinds of 'signs' that my decision to change my path is the right decision ...

This message is oh so needed to be shared, all over the world ...

Isn't this just *magnificent* trapunto

See Sherry's work at sewfarsewgood.org

This is just disturbing - a letter home to parents because the student refuses to suspend belief in the real world.  I hope the parents supported this bravery and critical thinking.  I hope education systems everywhere inspire every student to independent thinking.  I realize this letter is 20 years old ... I'm not a young thang any longer but even my teachers (even my most senior teachers) never had this attitude.

You've likely come across the various examples of *interesting* test answers - these ones had me howling with laughter!


  1. I love kids with a sense of humour!..guess that's why I love mine. Your first story reminds me of my oldest daughter who, in grade 5(or Grade 6) was the ring-leader of other classmate who went on strike to protest the "baby" songs the music teacher made them sing. Their history lesson that week was on unions and strikes and why workers strike, etc. so she thought they should go on strike for better songs. I got yet another note home from the principle about it and all the children had to write an apology and essay of why they were wrong to strike. I listened to Maryanne's version and she was still adamant that she had the right to strike so I told her to write what she thought was right even if it meant going against the principle. She told me that when she handed it in, the principle read a bit of it, went red in the face and said, "Did your mother see this?", flipped it over and saw my name and said, "FIGURES, go back to class"!

    This same daughter is now: Dr. Maryanne Pearce who just obtained her doctorate in law even though she is not a lawyer. Her published thesis is causing quite a stir. Here's one link: http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/local/grim-number-jumps-in-study-241776001.html


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