Happy Bits #35

A collection of fun tidbits ...
Spectacularly A.W.E.S.O.M.E
With so many stories recently about simply outrageous intolerance - 
like this

and the pending legistlation in Arizona, (apparently similar legislation already exists in many other states, there was a list I saw earlier, can't find it now), I'm hoping we are at the 'tipping point' - a surge of activity aimed at suppressing an imminent change, similar to activity before desegregation and women's voting rights.  The success of the uprising in Kiev is hopeful that there are places in the world moving to more tolerence and caring.  If I weren't so secular, I'd pray ... 

This made me laugh!

This made me smile :)

Across the country, Canadians watched, cheered, and celebrated! 

There were collections of traffic cams of the 401 early Sunday morning, with NO traffic ... 

 The women led the charge for GOLD

From the semi-finals ...

 Also liked the references to the wins as 'Double-Double Gold-Gold'