Happy Bits #34

Canada ROCKS!  Olympic Gold medalists Team Jacobs gave an entire week of fabulous curling to watch, topping it off with a definitive win for the GOLD.

Team Jones - won every game they played this week - absolutely amazing curling.  More Olympic GOLD!

Just about right! This is how I'm feeling this week ...

And it's so nice - I've actually been sleeping

And sleeping well!

I've mentioned my favourite husband ... he's also my first and only husband, my high school sweetheart, my best friend, my mentor, my hero.  This graphic is a fabulous summary of how to look at married life - ups and downs, good and not-so-good.  What matters is that you're together, there for each other.  
This is truly a gift, one I hope that I remember to celebrate every day!

This just made me laugh out loud ...

Some awesome zentangling on a mini quilt - 
I may be ready to go back to this soon!!