Happy Bits #30

What a strange society we are ... zipping around the country in a tin can with 125 or other souls brings out some strange behaviours.  Safety is something we demand of the companies we pay to zip us around, and yet so many people don't think it is their responsibility to even follow the rules.  We had a lovely flight, the captain warned us when we were flying into some rough spots, the 'fasten seatbelts' lights are on, but people are wandering about or not buckled in.

We hit an air pocket and drop (reports vary between 750 ft and 2500 ft) - literally we are all flying off our seats.  Those of us with our belts buckled are held right there, pop right back into our seats.  No real harm other than "WHAAATTT" - this really is a horrible feeling.  I'm thinking this is why we have demanded our airlines develop and use safety guidelines, why they insist on the safety demo each flight.  Which is what the crew announces - 'folks this is why we have seatbelts' and the captain announces - 'no extra cost for the roller coaster experience'.  Laughter all around.  Buzzing conversation all around.

Listening to the buzzing and overhearing conversations after the flight, one comment was - "I'm 400 pounds and my head hit the ceiling".  He's talking about suing.  Clearly they felt that seatbelt was just uncomfortable and inconvenient.  Likely just the aftereffects of a scare but still, seriously?  We landed just fine, we got great service.

Reflectors on the roads - these make such a huge difference in night driving - sure wish Ontario roads didn't have to deal with snow plows or there could be some way to install them on our roads!

We had an absolutely delightful dinner tonight at Rustler's Rooste.  When my favourite husband was working with Massey in the 80's, the Field Test crew apparently talked about eating here.  We ended up staying close to this spot and stopped in for supper.  Oh my, the steak was incredible! The facility is incredible, with live band, a huge crowd - young and not-so-young.  Beside the entry is a pen for 'Horney' - their mascot bull.  A beautiful beast.

Service was awesome.  A troubadour was wandering making balloon animals for the kids.  

Arizona Margaritas made with prickly pear cactus juice was very tasty. Delightful meal, finished with a very different treat to finish the meal - a bucket of cotton candy!