Happy Bits #28

I love this story!  Facebook is celebrating 10 years, and everyone on FB can generate a movie of their Facebook experiences.  The little gizmo picks your top posts, some of your most liked photos, etc.  Works rather nicely.

And they are doing some features - such as 'Humans of New York' - "Brandon Stanton moved to New York in 2010 with two suitcases and a goal of taking 10,000 photos. Since then, he's told dozens of stories with his portraits, and he's managed to create a community within a city of millions."  FB videographers followed him for a few days, filming his experiences.  Makes a wonderful, positive story ...


This fits perfectly :)

We found a clock! The eating nook in our new house has been needing a new wall clock - we've been seeing some here and there, liking lots but not enough to come home with us.  I've so often found myself looking at the wall, catching myself because that's where the clock was in our old house - and it's not there now!  It was a tired old clock with little redeeming value, I didn't want it to go up in our beautiful new house. Today in Costco (of all places!) is a perfect clock - clean lines, nicely round, wood outer, chrome inner border. Looks great!

And wow .. British artist Jane Perkins calls herself a re-maker, as she uses found objects of various shapes, sizes and hues to replicate the most famous paintings and portraits of our times. In her gorgeous mosaic series “Plastic Classics”, Perkins combines all sorts of plastic objects – buttons, LEGO pieces, beads, figurines – and matches their shapes and authentic hues so well that the works look strikingly similar to the originals. These artworks resemble the impressionistic tradition, as they can be appreciated both from a distance as well as up close.


  1. Glad you waited until you found just the right clock. Hubby and I do that as well. If we don't like something right away, it stays in the store. That art quilt is amazing!

  2. Hi Vi! Miss you! Thanks for the comment - I'm working on my "patience" skills :)


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