Happy Bits #6

For a blustery, cold wintry day, there were lots of happy bits!  And this was serious bluster - breaking all kinds of records for cold.  With the wind chill, we're getting more than 40 below zero ... F or C - doesn't really much matter - dang that's cold!

  • My favourite husband got the snowblower going and got the driveway cleared of the drifted snow so I could make my way through the unplowed road to get to the highway.  I had to laugh on the first path ... it looked like the snow was getting blown right over to the neighbour's driveway!  It wasn't really but was funny to watch.
  • One of our neighbours has trimmed the ivy growing on their house, into the shape of a maple leaf!  I've been driving past this house for more than six months, and this is the first time it registered??
  • Found the GPS that I've been looking for since we moved!
  • Tonight we were searching the boxes in the basement for the box that had all the cables and remotes and goodies for the tv.  We looked in boxes upstairs, main floor, basement, cold room, in boxes filled with fabric, in boxes filled with fabric and books, in more fabric boxes, in boxes with lampshades.  FINALLY we found them, in a box labelled 'Basement'.  And so, the tv is now hooked up in the basement so we can at least listen to music while we do more unpacking!