Happy Bits #4

Beautiful sunshine, cold and bright day.  

Enjoyed the International Motorcycle Supershow in Toronto today - lots of chrome, bling, leather, fancy paint!  Sat on the new Honda GL1800 F6B - there were only black ones at the show - maybe that's the only colour in Canada this year??  The seat sits so differently than the Goldwing - much wider, pushes my knees out so I have to be on tippy toes to touch the ground.
Two Levels Of Wow.
2013 Honda GL1800 F6B

Got to see some beautiful red and grey 2013 GL1800's - I really like the updated styling of the bags and rear lights.

Am very much enjoying the new book just delivered this week - Judi Madsen's 'Quilting Wide Open Spaces'!  Have admired her work on her blog - http://www.greenfairyquiltsblog.com/ - creative, beautiful, delightful!

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This was my LOL moment today ... from George Takai's FB feed ...

And this was a very fun crafty idea stumbled upon today ... from (http://4peatssake.wordpress.com/2011/11/14/ribbon-storage/)

First you need to get a plastic bin that has holes around the outside and a 1/4 inch dowel rod, then cut the dowel in half. Insert the dowel through one side of the bin, place your ribbon on the dowel, and then insert the dowel through the other side of the bin.
Slip your ribbon through the holes in the bin and then when you need to use the ribbon just pull out the desired amount and cut! Keeps things in order and all in one place.

And the snow has started again - forecast is calling for 6" - 10" of snow, then another blast of severe cold.  Tomorrow should be good for snuggling and organizing/unpacking boxes!