Happy Bits #24

Got a call from our house alarm company this afternoon, advising that one of our sensors indicated a break-in.  Police had already been dispatched.  Favourite Husband was called, he was nearby and almost home.  Alarm company updated the police dispatch with the vehicle he was driving so they would know he should be there.  Fortunately, looks like just a failed sensor.  No break-in, no footprints in the snow, no harm no foul.  Tech will be at the house tomorrow to fix the sensor.  Relief!!!

Who knew?  Check out this rainbow in the candle smoke!

The reason that a candle can make this rainbow is because microscopic paraffin droplets are a byproduct of the combustion. When light hits the droplets, it refracts into the visible light spectrum just like a prism.
Photograph by Grover Schraye

This one gave me a belly laugh - some days are this frustrating ...

For my favourite husband!

 In my head, I *know* this ... some days are better than others for bring the positive voices to the front of the crowd so they can be heard :)