Happy Bits #15

I love data.  Love working with data. Wrassling with data.  Finding connections within data.  Making reports look easy and beautiful. 

We have some fabulous databases at work, and today I was able to find some elusive pieces to pull into reports.  

Woot woot!  Wahoo! Love it!

Autocorrect can be such fun - BBM'ing my DH to confer about last minute things I need to pick up on my way home - I think I'm saying 'Cheerios' - gets corrected to 'Cheetos'.  So I just had to get both :0

Fun nonsense for the day- "Which Muppet Are You?"  turns out I'm ...

Sweetums ...
You’re rough around the edges and a sucker for lullabies. You enjoy wandering and your friends may occasionally (accidentally) leave you behind, but you usually find a way to be exactly where you need to be.

Yup, sounds about right ;)