Happy Bits #13

I've been putting off, not motivated enough to get it done, whatever ... today, finally, got my "hairs did"!  (That's my wonderful SIL's saying - makes me smile - especially in a southern drawl, y'all.)

Haircuts are refreshing - a good scalp massage, a transformation, even if there is stress in thinking about how to cut it, and worry that the stylist will completely butcher your hair.  I've learned to insist that thinning shears are not welcome.

Tonight's stylist was a delight!  One of the things we established in trying to figure out how to cut, is that my hair is sometimes under a motorcycle helmet and hard to look good after a day like that ... which of course leads to all kinds of fun discussions about the wonderful rides we've been fortunate enough to experience.

My wonderful DH dropped me off and headed to TSC to check out battery chargers ... while he was out he also stopped in at an electronics store and discovered a whole whack of Dr Who stuff that we went back to enjoy.  A bunch of fun Tardis things, sonic flashlights, Darlik's.  More delight!