Happy 2014! Finding bits of happiness.

Apparently I was on a posting hiatus ... I was here and couldn't motivate myself to write. Or unpack.  Or anything.  I am hopeful that I'm ready to take on my world again.  

We have settled into our new home quite nicely - lots of things unpacked and lots of things not yet.  Still figuring out where things should go.  Spent some terrific time furniture shopping - no decisions made yet but progress on getting closer to what we may want.

None of my quilting stuff is unpacked yet.  But this week I did find my iron!  Today I found my pressing board.  Progress ;)

A few more boxes unpacked to make room for the gathering area in the basement, which will then make room for the quilting stuff.

Have seen many of the hopeful and optimistic thoughts and suggestions that come with "New Year's" and I like this one a lot - it is being grateful for the little things every day that helps so many different things - finding bliss, finding satisfaction. Since we hope to travel quite a bit this year, I should find another way to jot these things down .... waaaaiiiittt ... what a terrific job for a blog!! :)