Today's visitor at the birdfeeder

The delightful previous owners of our new home were bird-lovers, and they left us a collection of feeders and information.  Today's visitor - we think is a downy woodpecker.  Seems to like the suet feeder :)

Today was a wonderfully sunny day with a fresh breeze - whispers of fall in the air.  My favourite season!


  1. Yes, that is a downey. If it has a red blotch on the back of his neck, it is a male. No red means its a female. Lucky you with free feeders! We love watching the birds around our feeders. Right now we have a hummingbird that is devouring sugar water.

  2. Thanks Vi! We didn't see a red blotch - must have been a momma bird :)

    LOVE hummingbirds!


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